Our Approach

The dep difference

Bringing together decades of engineering experience, our team employs a modern approach that combines engineering efficiency with sustainable design – going beyond expected, baseline levels of quality as an ASP.

Sustainability practices

Dep Consulting does more than just tick boxes, we plan for long-term, lifetime use. Our approach employs sustainable frameworks that evaluate environmental and social impact at every level of our operations - from design and drafting, down to the subcontractors we engage.

Community first

Dep Consulting provides accurate designs and precision services that promote safe environments, during delivery and beyond. We pursue innovation within the industry, designing substations and complex energy connections that communities will be able to rely on for generations into the future.

All-in-one service

Dep Consulting provides an all-in-one, end-to-end connection service. What we hand over are airtight solutions, completely ready for fulfilment. We work with clients from the earliest stages of proposal, offering services across design, procurement, and third-party stakeholder management.

Consulting that considers all parties

When consulting on a project, we engage with stakeholders at all levels. We specialise in balancing public and private sector needs, ensuring outcomes that meet energy distribution network requirements whilst protecting the interests of clients - and the communities that surround them.

Precision service

The engineering accuracy of our services promotes safety and reliability throughout delivery and beyond. We aim for zero variations from design to final product, ensuring cost efficiency and resolving issues as they arise to deliver dependable energy infrastructure for high-risk sectors.

Quality Outcomes

Through our externally accredited quality management system, Dep Consulting guarantees expert oversight at every step of a project’s life cycle. All advice is provided by qualified, experienced professionals, and only accredited personnel are ever engaged under our supervision.

Delivering infrastructure that can’t afford to fail

Delivering infrastructure that can’t afford to fail